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“Build Your Very Own Following On Facebook Of Laser-Targeted Prospects Eager To Learn More About Your Network Marketing Company”
Dear Future Network Marketing Star,

If you’ve been trying been to build your Network Marketing Company on Facebook for any length of time you know it’s not as easy as everyone makes it out to be. 

The idea of chatting with a few people a day on Facebook and suddenly getting tons of magical engagement from posting a few motivational quotes and asking a few simple questions seems nice, but it won’t bring you the type of results you truly desire....

You put up a simple PAID Facebook post, click publish and let the magic begin as it brings you fresh new prospects daily interested in learning more about your Network Marketing Opportunity. 

But let's face it. 

Facebook Ads can be hard. 

For some strange reason Facebook makes it extremely difficult to create ads on the fly in a simple and effective manner. In fact most marketers lose their #$#% trying to deploy these ads. 

Even if you figure out how to do a Boosted post on Facebook it won’t help. You need to be able to login to your ads manager and properly build a targeted audience and then deploy it in the right way for maximum results. 

Interested in learning how you can have targeted prospects raising their hands daily and asking you for more information on your Network Marketing Company? 

Imagine what that could do for your business.

Here Is Where This All Started

My two business partners and I always loved the Network Marketing business model but we wanted to build them 100% online. 

(Many say it can’t be done but they're #WRONG) 

In fact right now we have one company we build that has over 27,000 people inside the organization and growing all from our online marketing efforts and primarily utilizing Facebook Marketing. 

You see we practice what we preach :) 

We desperately wanted to crack the code with Network Marketing and Facebook Advertising. 

The truth is Facebook hates Network Marketing and many people get their ads denied or worse their entire ad accounts shut down with no real explanation from Facebook. 

It’s a slippery slope for Network Marketers trying to use Facebook Ads to accelerate their business online. 

With that said we cracked the code and our engagement ads started to crush and bring us hot prospects daily who were eager to learn more about our Network Marketing programs. 

It was like being in Network Marketing Heaven… 

People couldn’t understand how we were doing it and we started getting a lot of attention from our friends in the industry and our upline leadership. 

Suddenly everyone wanted a piece of the pie… Asking us if we could please help them get ads going so they could experience hot fresh targeted prospects raising their hands daily to learn more about their offers.

So This Is What We Decided To Do Next!

We decided to work with a few 6 & 7 figure Network Marketing friends who were begging us to do ads for them. 

'Let’s run a few test and have a little fun and see what happens!'

So here is what we did: 

We built the ad from scratch 

We built the target audience from scratch 

We got access to their ad manager on Facebook and deployed the ad for them COMPLETELY HANDS FREE

The rest my friend’s is what they call history… 

The engagement ads we put together were a smashing success for our friend’s and we knew things were about to get crazy… 

We knew word would travel fast as it does inside the Network Marketing Industry and we would get bombarded by people wanting us to help them as well. 

In the first month alone we brought in 21 clients and trust me we weren’t expecting that. 

Since then we’ve hired a full time ads manager and have streamlined our process to help Network Marketers get set up and ads deployed quickly so they can begin having red hot prospects to talk to daily about their companies and opportunity. 

It’s been absolutely AMAZING helping so many Network Marketer’s to this point crush it on Facebook.

Hear from some of our friends about working with us: 
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